Longitude #01

February, 2011


The Euro play

Caught in the eye of the euro storm
by Paolo Savona

The global market contradicts the structure of the nation-state. More than a new economic agreement, we need a new political accord.­

Don’t shoot me, I’m only the banker
by Giuseppe Scognamiglio

With the financial and sovereign debt crises, money has once again come to be seen as the root of all evil. But is that a healthy way of setting the economy straight?

­­Chinese eggs in the eurobasket
by Michele Bagella
Eurobonds. Why not?
by Giovanni Tria

Enticing Turkey

A sick old man no more
by Carlo Marsili
An unstable giant
by Franco Zallio

Turkey’s growing regional economic role simply cannot be ignored. But is its growth sustainable?

Forward looking?
by Sinan Ülgen

Why we should stop romanticizing the Islamic Calvinists

The Anatolian spirit of capitalism
by Pasquale Ferrara
Ankara’s dangerous liaisons
by Valeria Piacentini Fiorani

Some sustain that Turkey keeps bad company. But in such a volatile neighborhood, one has to maintain good relations with everyone. Given the acrimony between the West and some of the shadier  elements around there, t­he Turks are perfectly placed to mediate

Turkey’s pipe dreams become reality
by Paolo Scaroni

Energy security is a continual concern in Europe. Finding alternative pipelines to stay clear of political conflicts is a way of hedging against potential fuel shut-offs. Fortunately for Ankara, most of the proposed pipelines pass through its territory, and it is now an energy hub


Curbing his hostility
by Giancarlo Loquenzi

Obama’s early experiences and recent rethoric in the midst of America’s economic crisis have shaped an anti-business approach. But his need for the “fat cats” to bolster the recovery has forced a change of tone.

No time to be Frank
by Giampaolo Lecce


Mind the dialogue gap
by Giovanni Marizza

Initiating talks between NATO and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, which includes regional players Russia and China, would be a concrete step in rebuilding Afghanistan and maitaining stability throughout Eurasia. But first NATO must avoid the mistakes of the past.


Iran’s nuclear shell game
by Piero Benetti

There is certainly uranium being refined in Iran. And everyone wants to know where the atomic bomb is. In this case the eye is quicker than the hand but nobody is taking any bets­.

Buying time
by Lanfranco Vaccari­­

Sanctions, sabotage, and even targeted assassinations have delayed Iran’s march toward building an atom bomb. But sooner or later, the inevitable can happen –­ if they want it to

Soft power

China’s golden­ throne shines again
by Giuseppe Proietti

Italian restoration experts work on a project in Beijing’s fabled Forbidden City


History in 3D
by Umberto Vattani

A cutting-edge technology brings to life masterpieces of the past

Gonshi revival
by David Zhang


Taking the initiative
by Franco Frattini
New goals for diplomacy
by Giampiero Massolo
Time’s up for seat warmers
by Pasquale Terracciano

Warming bloopers

Still in deep water after Cancun
by Corrado Clini

Inconclusive summits and a pressing need for rethinking climate change require new negotiation strategies.