Longitude #66

December, 2016


From Apocalypse to normalcy
by Giampiero Massolo

For all the provocative promises the candidate Trump made, he will be inheriting a network of international relations that cannot be undone easily. Finding a balance will be crucial.  

It's business, stupid!
by Gianni Castellaneta

Now that all America’s free trade deals are in danger, we should expect a more transactional approach in the new president’s agenda. The art of making a deal will necessarily involve compromise.

Cover story

Letting Trump be Trump
by Lanfranco Vaccari­­

It’s not by coincidence that Donald Trump’s run for the presidency harked back to that of the most successful Republican in memory. Yet despite similarities in the campaign, certain fundamental differences in the candidates as well as the context will surely generate surprises.

Trump effect
map by Marie Joveneau
Making America flush with money
by Stefano Cingolani

Trump has promised Americans that his business acumen will allow him to increase wealth and create more jobs. In the short run, at least, business as usual can be expected to be better than ever – but at what price?

The naked emperor
by Corrado Clini

Trump’s victory has people fretting over the future of climate change agreements. But regardless of who is president, there are inevitable economic considerations that go beyond either side’s rhetoric and ideology.

Are we having fun yet?
by Stash Luczkiw

Many reasonable people are dismayed by Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential elections. But there is more to politics than reason. There is also the much-neglected entertainment factor, which has worked to Trump’s advantage.

Let the bromance begin
by Massimo Boffa

Trump and Putin stand ready to ease tensions and work together toward a re-reset. But the antagonism between Moscow and Washington is deeply rooted, and the causes must be better understood. 

Beijing cringes at US democracy
by Fabrizio Franciosi

China has several reasons to be concerned about Trump. He has threatened a trade war, and even if he doesn’t follow through on his threats, Trump represents forces that could eventually contaminate the Chinese.


Inheriting the Middle Eastern quandary
by Ugo Tramballi

The election of Donald Trump won’t suddenly straighten out the Middle East. If he keeps his promise to maintain American withdrawal from the fray, other powers will step in to fill the vacuum.

Featured briefing

Spain escapes from limbo
by Maurizio Stefanini

After months without a government, Spain’s former prime minister Mariano Rajoy is back in power. In the meantime, during the vacuum, Spain has done quite well economically. 

Spain’s miracles
map by Marie Joveneau
The Tories' new shoes
by Gabriele Carrer

In the wake of Brexit, with the rise of protectionist and anti-establishment sentiment, the UK’s Conservative government is attempting to recalibrate the uneven effects of globalization and address the disenchanted classes.

World economy

In praise of broken glass ceilings
by Danilo Zatta

The rewards of an engaged female workforce cannot be underestimated. Yet since it would be hard to deny that differences in perception affect gender issues in the workplace, it is worth examining what women face today.


From tweet to soap box
by Gianluca Comin

Italy is in the midst of a constitutional referendum campaign. The importance of communication for both sides cannot be underestimated, and the experience of recent votes should chasten analysts.

Warming bloopers

Climate change paradox
by Carlo Clini

Although the scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the claim that global warming has been gravely exacerbated by human activity, there are some phenomena, such as growing atoll islands, that give cause for skepticism.