Longitude #72

June, 2017


Cover story

Paradigm shuffle
by Lanfranco Vaccari­­

The election of Macron has pulled the rug out from under our notions of political right and left. The uncharted path he is proposing entails a reshuffling of categories in order to address the problems facing societies in the post-industrialist age.

Macronism: a hopeful new balancing act
by Stefano Cingolani

France’s silent majority has given the emerging élite a mandate. Now President Macron is putting together a government and economic program for France that will try to juggle the numerous forces buffeting a Europe still reeling from various crises.

Macron's challenges
map by Marie Joveneau
Something has happened, and it’s not a catastrophe
by Michele Marchi

The phenomenal rise of Macron has a wide array of implications not only for France, but for all of Europe. 
In a sense, France is now poised to take a gamble that could re-launch the long troubled European project.

The globalists strike back
by Stash Luczkiw

Recent elections have pitted nationalists against globalists, identitarians against universalists. This is a perennial dichotomy in Western civilization, which is again being felt acutely in the current culture war.

How Le Pen missed her chance
by Fabrizio Franciosi

The Front National gained unprecedented momentum in the run-up to the elections, thanks to populist victories in other countries. But certain fundamental elements in the far-right’s stance precluded a victory in France.

Featured briefing

The Islamic State’s four layers of threat
by Raffaello Pantucci

Although IS keeps losing territory rapidly, it is by no means about to disappear. Rather, it will probably spread out from its core in the Levant and morph into local terrorist groups loosely connected through ideological affinity.

Islamic State spillover
map by Marie Joveneau
The best weapon against terror
by Franco Frattini

In the fight against terrorism, the Muslim world and the West are on the same page. The global anti-terrorism alliance needs to be strengthened through strategic thinking.

The US and the war on terrorism
by Alia K. Nardini

Since 9/11 American presidents have tried to formulate a strategy for combating terrorism both at home and abroad. With their respective successes and failures, each president’s approach has had a profound effect on the strategy of the subsequent administration.

The Orientalist

The man who would have changed the Arab world
by Ugo Tramballi

Qatar has taken a central role in the staggering upheavals that continue to plague the Middle East. One man in particular is responsible for its extraordinarily high profile.


A country on the edge of collapse
by Maurizio Stefanini

Economic and social collapse are threatening to plunge the Latin American country into a spiral of bloodshed. With an increasingly entrenched dictatorship and social unrest, all the elements for catastrophe are there.


Africans in search of Eldorado
by Anna Bono

The influx of migrants from Africa to Europe has grown to crisis proportions. Finally, some African countries are encouraging their citizens to remain at home rather than risk the perilous and often fruitless voyage across the Mediterranean.


More than words
by Gianluca Comin

In a world inundated by images, the communicative value and perils of photographs should not be underestimated. A deft campaign of image presentation could make the difference for politicians.

Warming bloopers

Trump lets China take the lead
by Carlo Clini

By backing off on climate change agreements and ignoring the ever-growing industry of renewable energy, the new US president is assuring that China will eventually become a future energy leader.