Alessandra Cappelletti

World economy
Sharing the bounty

China and Germany’s economic needs are very complementary. Germany requires a huge market and China benefits from the Germans’ high-end manufacturing know-how. A free-trade deal with the EU would be monumental.

Choosing heads
China’s ethnic fringe

Stability over the past few decades has proved to be the key to China’s economic success. With an array of often restive ethnicities, this hard-earned stability could easily be jeopardized. How is China handling its ethnic issues?

Kashgar moves on

Once a major trading center along the Silk Road, China’s westernmost city has been designated a special economic zone. But not all the ramifications are positive for this gateway to Central Asia.

Urban oases

The once scattered settlements in China’s western deserts have seen rapid urbanization, with clear demographic socio-economic repercussions.