Alessandro Merola

The world is wary after Erdogan’s big win

Turkey’s most recent election saw the population rally behind the ruling Islamist party. Safe at home, for the time being, Erdogan must now continue his ongoing balancing act between the Muslim world and Europe.

Middle East
Tripoli, oh land of love

Three years after the NATO-led regime change, there is still no regime in place that can say it is governing Libya. The volatile and violent situation on the ground is a continual vying for position among militias and tribes. 

The twisting roads of Arab transition
Dancers in the dark

The West keeps winning wars and losing peace. This no doubt stems from a severe lack of strategy as it ad libs the numerous brushfires flaring up around the world.

Cold War redux
Resurrecting the Cold(ish) War

With Russia and the US engaging in tit-for-tat sniping, Cold War posturing is back in vogue. But in light of the more substantial common goals between them, another push of the reset button is badly needed.

Kim the bully
Much ado about nothing?

North Korea’s saber-rattling has alarmed some of its neighbors, but there is a chance that the new leader is merely using the same tactic employed successfully by his predecessors. How the US and China react will significantly impact the balance of power in Asia.

Looking for stability
The man who would be Pharaoh

Just when Egypt’s President Morsi was flush with kudos from the international community, he launched a blantant power grab. What inspired his decision? And will the Muslim Brotherhood’s approach prove to be a model for the rest of the region?

Syrian boxes

The war in Syria is a geopolitical no-win situation. Whatever the outcome, the complications do not bode well for the region. Many are nostalgic for the status quo ante, but unfortunately there is no turning back.

Europe fights to survive
Putin’s string of pearls

As Greece causes Europe to flounder in fits of indecision, an opening is breached for those waiting to take advantage – who know that nothing wins friends and allies better than lending a helping hand.

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Que sera, sera
A bitter pill
Superpower by default

The US seems to have begun its inevitable decline. Yet those who would supplant America still recognize its unique capacities. In any case, the real threats lie elsewhere.

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Bring back the Marx Brothers!
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Gizmos and GMOs
Arab uprising
The phony war

So far, the Libyan adventure is following the trajectory of what has become known as a humanitarian war. Unfortunately, such wars always risk turning into a comedy of errors.

Arab uprising
Revolutionary Road

The dust has yet to settle and the world is already intoxicated by a revolutionary spirit. But a sober look makes one wonder: what will be swept away in the end.

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The brighter sides of plagiarism and penury
The changing face of the Middle East
A delicate balance
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Global glossary
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Thus speaks the oracle of Cupertino