Angelo Baiocchi

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Unwitting deportees

The influx of migrants across the Mediterranean has put the spotlight on one of the most insidious forms of international crime: human trafficking. To complicate the situation, certain ideologies unwittingly make matters worse.

Europe’s boat people
The migration wave crashes down on Europe

Migration may be as old as humanity, but its most resent manifestation in Europe, with refugees coming from across the Mediterranean Sea, poses unprecedented political problems. Europe’s very identity may be at stake. Willfully ignoring the challenge will only lead to a more rapid demise.

Can good guys manage empires?

High-minded ideals and the day-to-day business of maintaining the world’s superpower may seem antithetical. Yet this is the balancing act at the heart of Obama’s mandate.

Big Data

The internet has forced political parties to learn how to manage their cybernaut constituency. They must weigh the noisy influencers against the actual mood of the population and fit it into the equation of how to govern effectively.