Antonio Armellini

Featured briefing
The Tories and their May-be blues

A series of crucial self-inflicted wounds have hobbled Britain’s Conservative Party just at the time when the opposition Labour seemed incapable of getting up off the ground.

Swinging London
Peering into a Pandora’s box

Now that David Cameron is safely ensconced in Downing Street, he will have to live up to his promise to hold a referendum on whether or not to stay in the EU. The potential for disaster is enormous and his task will be to find a right balance.

Modifying India
Modi operandi

India’s new prime minister has shown a desire to shake up the stale political system and further open the economy. Will he be able to go against his voter base’s interests and succeed? If not, he may need to fall back on the sectarian passions that have long sustained his party. 

­­­The not quite pacific Indian Ocean
Alliances on the high seas

The area around the Indian Ocean is a palimpsest of economic blocs and military alliances, often as fleeting as their acronyms are forgetful. Finding the right balance among the major powers of today and the future will be key to maintaining stability.

Rising powers
The building blocks of a new world order: fact and fiction

What started as a convenient acronym to talk about rising economic powers is developing into a force with political weight – at least potentially – to be thrown around.