Carlo Jean

Cover story
The Lybian power struggle

A UN brokered solution to the chaos in Libya does not seem to be working. With Russia now involved and a new US president, an about-face with respect to which faction should be supported might be the best solution.

Featured briefing
Politics and esotericism in Turkey

Recent events in Turkey have flummoxed those trying 
to come to grips with its already hard-to-fathom complexity. Behind the maneuvers and intrigues there are semi-secret societies vying for power.

De non bello libico, or the Libyan mess

The Libyan Civil War needs external forces to come in and sort things out. Unfortunately the forces that are inclined to engage and are capable of making a difference have different goals and sympathies, which only complicates an already chaotic situation.

The world is wary after Erdogan’s big win

Turkey’s most recent election saw the population rally behind the ruling Islamist party. Safe at home, for the time being, Erdogan must now continue his ongoing balancing act between the Muslim world and Europe.

Global rush in telecommunications
Power cables

Communications has always been a crucial element in any defense strategy. The current digital revolution has magnified its importance beyond measure. How can communications be controlled without jeopardizing the freedom that is the purpose of defense?

Sweating the deal
No empty threat

If you want peace, then prepare for war, the old adage goes. Obama is attributing Syria’s surprising willingness to give up its chemical arsenal and engage in negotiations to a credible threat to punish the regime with military strikes.

Falling on deaf ears
Syria’s bloody stalemate


The war in Syria poses a problem for the US and Europe because intervention would most likely serve to bolster the jihadists. Meanwhile, the more Russia is called on to put pressure on Assad, the more influence it gains in the region.

Global strategy
Piecing together intricate interests

Managing security issues involves definition, planning and day-to-day management. In this world of rapid change and flux, assessing any given situation requires a multifaceted approach to geopolitics that often goes against the grain of traditional strategies.

Why the aerospace industry matters
Put your money where your mind is

There is an undeniable relationship between funding for scientific and technological research in the military and the rate of innovation spinning off and spilling over into the industrial spheres. Like it or not, military innovations have accelerated economic development.

The new Arab order Islam women money
Stabilizing North Africa

Bringing security and stability to the region in the wake of so many regime changes will require consolidating the forces of order and ensuring that they serve the nation rather than the leader.

The gas market heats up
Europe’s new powder keg

A combination of factors – new technology, fear of nuclear energy and climate change – has natural gas gaining in Europe’s energy mix. This shift in balance entails a number of worrisome implications in the geopolitical equilibrium.

Putin gas in Merkel’s engine

If anyone can run an efficient nuclear industry, one would think the Germans can. And they have. But popular opinion and Fukushima panic have tipped the scales, and Merkel has traded German energy independence for votes.­

The West vs Gaddafi
The sky is the limit

Now that a no-fly zone has been implemented, the newly formed coalition’s political and strategic objectives will need to adapt to the changing situation. But first everyone has to agree about what those objectives are.