Carlo Panella

Nuclear negotiations
Talk, talk, talk

Iran is making overtures about concessions, but it is far from clear if they are willing to scrap their nuclear program, or at least put it under international observation, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

Russia’s thousand and one nightmares

The Arab world continues to reel from a year of revolts, and Russia keeps coming out as a geopolitical loser. With Syria on the brink, Russia’s short-sighted Middle East policies hark back to the mistakes of the USSR.

After the fall who will pick up the pieces?
Palestinian maneuvers at the UN

As the Palestinians bring their case for statehood to the UN, Israel would be wise to cautiously pay heed to international opinion, especially given the precarious political climate surrounding it.

After the fall who will pick up the pieces?
The Moroccan exception

Rather than implementing democracy as shock therapy, Morocco has chosen a path that first dismantles some undemocratic aspects of sharia law. In the struggle of Muhammad vs. Montesquieu, one king has set an edifying example.­

Of satraps and sorcerers

In recent months Iran’s President Ahmadinejad has provoked a fight with the allies who have supported him thus far. Could it all be a maneuver to redistribute the government’s complicated power balance in his favor?

Turkey steps into the Syrian fray

With Erdogan throwing down the gauntlet to the Assad regime, Israel needs to reconsider its lapsed relations with Turkey. Certainly the status quo is no longer tenable.

Syrious troubles

Even those who stand to gain from the collapse of Bashar al-Assad’s regime are reluctant to encourage the revolts. Syria’s complex political ties and geographic position explain why.