Carlo Pelanda

Eastern frontiers
A smaller Greater China

The image of China striving for regional and world domination is never out of sight when looking at Asia. But recent moves have raised questions about Beijing’s true strategic objectives with respect to relationships with its neighbors and the West.

Why the economy needs fat ducks
Money never sleeps


Despite calls for reform, the financial system has maintained more or less the same degree of freedom as before the crisis. This has been a conscious decision by realistic leaders who recognize both the benefits of risk taking and the hazards of regulation.

Global governance
If the global economy implodes

Global markets now tend to fragment into diverging regional blocs. We need to find and propose a different global architecture, one that can keep the international market fluid and facilitate a convergence among nations in order to avoid chaos, conflicts, and poverty.

Conservatives groping in the twilight
An examination of conservative conscience

Conservatives are witnessing a rift between realists and idealists, which will have a huge impact on both the upcoming election and on the Republican Party for years to come. Can the two sides come together and grow stronger, or will we see a split?

The New German Question

As the eurozone’s leading economy, Germany has the power to accomplish what it was unable to do in two wars during the 20th century – dominate Europe. But Germany’s ambition has been ambiguous if not outright contradictory, to the detriment of the world economy.

Middle East & North Africa
The house in which we live

The Mediterranean’s shores have always been centers of trade, bringing together different cultures. Why not acknowledge this geopolitical reality and build on it to narrow some of the existing divides between neighbors.