Carlo Stagnaro

Warming bloopers
Saving money saves lives

No one knows exactly what causes climate change. But whenever a natural disaster occurs, it seems the easiest way to soothe people’s consciences is to blame industry, progress, whatever. Energy would be better spent trying to make these inevitable disasters less lethal.

The gas market heats up
Fracking politics

Unconventional gas has changed the playing field when it comes to energy security worldwide. But much of Europe is stuck because of state-controlled monopolies and interstate regulatory squabbles. So the name of the game is more politics than security.

Deep water
The right way to water rights

That everyone should have access to safe and clean water is a given. But the debate about the best methods to use – whether private or public – in achieving this aim, risks bogging up the works.

Paying the price for energy
Nukes on hold

Now might not be the most appropriate time for politicians to be campaigning enthusiastically for nuclear power. But it is nevertheless an essential part of the energy mix in developed countries, and each of the alternatives – gas, coal,
and renewables – pose a set of problems.

Oiling the wealth machine

As the turmoil spreads to Libya and possibly other oil and gas producing nations, prices will spike. But so far, what has been making the markets nervous more than anything else is having to come to terms with uncertainty.

An umbilical cord under the Mediterranean
Warming bloopers
Never mind the biofuels Here’s Al Gore

Subsidies for ethanol was an idea the former VP sold to Congress with a zealot’s fury. Now the green prophet is backtracking.