Corrado Clini

Too much hot air

Despite efforts to curb climatic change over the last 20 years the principal outcome seems to have been establishing an ineffective and costly bureaucratic machine.

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The wave of floods and droughts

All over the world the higher temperatures associated with global warming have lead to two especially dangerous trends: less drinking water, and bigger hurricanes, typhoons and cyclones; 

Climate change
Climate coalition: from G-7 to G-3

If Donald Trump announced that the US would pull out of the Paris Accord, it was also in large part because European countries refused to negotiate with the US, thus shooting themselves in the foot.

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China's global energy leadership

New cutting edge technology from China has the potential to revolutionize the energy industry. Allowing for the long-distance distribution of renewable energy, the Global Energy Interconnection is perhaps the best hope for environmentalists. It is also a means by which resource-poor nations with technological capacity can reap huge benefits.

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Robots call for a creative workforce

New technology creates more jobs than it destroys. Job losses can be offset by employment growth in areas such as computing, math and engineering. Every robot worker will need a maker, a manager and a maintenance person. 

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The naked emperor

Trump’s victory has people fretting over the future of climate change agreements. But regardless of who is president, there are inevitable economic considerations that go beyond either side’s rhetoric and ideology.

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Changing gears on congestion

What has always seemed like an impractical utopian vision will not become a reality any time soon. But the kinds of cars we drive and how we use them have already changed drastically.

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Walking the walk on the environment

Everyone wants to fix the environment and stave off climate change, and the Paris Agreement was a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, many crucial economic and geopolitical elements have been left out of the equation.

How the car is changing
Shifting the energy paradigm

The next generation technologies will trigger the Auto APP-ocalypse – and eventually change the world. Not only will cars run without polluting, they will generate energy just sitting in parking lots.

Green growth and the brown economy

Many steps to relieve the economic crisis have encouraged a return to environmentally harmful policies. If we are to avert an even graver ecological crisis, priority must be given to address the challenges of green growth.

Committed to a cleaner planet

Having just attended the Rio+20 summit, Italy’s representative reaffirms in both spirit and actions its longstanding commitment to sustainable development.

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The Durban Package: a step toward a global climate treaty

Governments agreed to a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. To achieve rapid clarity, parties will turn their economy-wide targets into quantified emission limitation or reduction objectives and submit them for review.

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Europe needs to lead itself out of isolation

Rather than focusing on legal structures and new bureaucracies, Europe should take its experience in reducing emissions and use it to promote projects that face up to the global challenges posed by climate change.

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Gasping for more gas

Now that nuclear has been shunned out of fear, increased demand for relatively clean natural gas combined with new technologies for extracting it promise to raise its share in the energy mix.

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A renewed call for renewables

With Japan reeling from a major nuclear accident and one of the world’s largest producers of oil and gas getting bombed, turning to renewable energy would seem to be a no-brainer. But is it economically feasible yet?

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Still in deep water after Cancun

Inconclusive summits and a pressing need for rethinking climate change require new negotiation strategies.