Emanuele Schibotto

South Eastern Asia
At the heart of the Asian century

Singapore is one of the political and economic success stories of the 20th century. Now, with the US-China rivalry heating up, it is perfectly placed to mediate between the two geopolitical giants.

Tokyo goes all the way to Mandalay

A strategic partnership is unfolding between Myanmar and Japan. As a counterweight to overdependence on its massive neighbor, Yangon has looked to Japan for much-needed investment in its impoverished economy.

Eastern frontiers
The Korean paradox

When we speak about Korea, public opinion is much more focused on the rogue behavior of North Korea, while its southern neighbor is rarely given the attention it deserves. A surprising fact considering Seoul’s status as world leader in integrated hi-tech city administration.

World economy
German made in China

Economic relations between Germany and China keep getting stronger. This is the fruit of a long planned strategic initiative on the part of successive German governments.