Francesco Galietti

Jeff Bezos tracing new directions
The Empire of Flying Pizzas

Much as the postal service combined with new means of transportation, Amazon’s foray into same-day delivery may mark the beginning of an era that will set our skies abuzz. 

The Euro to come
A quest for cash

The term “tax harmonization” might seem like a useful banner for unifying fiscal policies, but for many it is just a silent and bureaucratic proxy war for attracting corporate cash.

We the people of Ukraine
Bury your secrets deep

Germany’s Ukrainian dilemma has led Berlin to look for a balance in its historic love-hate relationship with Russia. Unwilling to antagonize Moscow, it can still keep it in check while scoring PR points by voicing support for the Ukrainian opposition.

Unmasking Italy’s mess
Hodgepodge economics

Italy’s M5S has flirted with an array of sustainability and degrowth theories, but as yet it has no coherent economic program. What little has been proposed thus far makes one wonder how much it will cost.

When consensus kills governability
Redefining the battleground

In the context of the current crisis of democracy, Italian elections matter, and often reluctant élites are rolling up their sleeves and entering the fray. It remains to be seen if the electorate is ready for them – or even fully understands and trusts their intentions.

Global strategy
Short on cash and imagination

The art of scenario analysis is an indispensible element of international security. Institutions need to think seriously about alternative futures with regard to defense, especially as once stable regions now risk descending into chaos.

“Leder” of the pack

Germany has shown scant interest in the Mediterranean recently. But given the turmoil in the Middle East and its strategic importance to the German economy, national interests will inevitably lead it to play a more forceful role.

Tech bubble 2.0
Yesterday’s future

We are living in times of exponentially accelerating change – above all, in the technological sphere. New paradigms rapidly replace old ones, and by the time we fully grasp them, they already look terribly old-fashioned.

Debt crisis
Butter and cannons

Germany wants to exact a high price for any eurozone bailout. Alternative proposals, however, could transfer power to technocrats rather than Berlin.

Ruler of the roost

Germany is a prime mover, both in Europe and beyond. What are the key challenges and opportunities of Berlin’s primacy?