Franco Frattini

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What the country needs

The 5Star Movement with 32,5%, has risen to the fore on deep seated voter anger, but the center-right coalition thus far has only 38%. Neither have the numbers, yet the difficulties are not simply forming a majority but creating a strong government capable of addressing the country’s urgent issues.

Featured briefing
The best weapon against terror

In the fight against terrorism, the Muslim world and the West are on the same page. The global anti-terrorism alliance needs to be strengthened through strategic thinking.

A strategic need to re-engage

The world is brimming over with hotspots. In order to deal with them sensibly the great powers must cooperate. So it’s only reasonable that the US not try to isolate Russia indefinitely. And Europe must pull its weight.

The mistakes we made

What is happening in Libya could have been foreseen four years ago. You cannot leave a theater of war you initiated until the people are safe and free. ­

Hands off EU reunification

There is no standing still. We must go forward. Only a United States of Europe can allow the EU to continue with the project that has already accounted for decades of peace and prosperity.

The price of security

In order to strengthen cross-continental cooperation, NATO members must reassess their responsibilities. And European members must above all integrate their military capabilities more efficiently.

Global strategy
Living securely in a global village

The threats to world stability now transcend national border protection. The only way to ensure success is to gradually adapt to new aspects of globalization and to continue to be vigilant.

The People’s Party adjusts

In times of rapid change it is important that Europe’s political families not to be tied down by prescriptions that may be obsolete.

The lessons of Libya

As the Libyans embark on the post-Gaddafi phase of their history, it would be wise to avoid repeating our past mistakes. A legitimate framework needs to be constructed following a careful appraisal of successes and failures.

Tangoing on eggshells
Latinidad: an unspoken understanding

Europe and Latin American can only benefit each other through continued cooperation. In Italy’s case there is a certain sense of belonging to a common culture that could make her a privileged interlocutor with fellow Latins.

In Mao’s shoes
The big leap forward

The aim of the coming century is to transform this world without destroying it. So as China takes a greater political and economic role, it is important to encourage dialogue that will lay the foundation for cooperation.

Islamic terrorism
It’s up to the Muslim world to quash his violent dream

The world was rid of Osama bin Laden exactly when the Middle East was rising up and rebuffing the ideology he hoped it would embrace. Now our Arab neighbors must find their own way to political freedom and economic development.

State of the Union
Out into to the open sea

The challenges presented by changes on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea may yet prove to be an opportunity for Europe. We have the duty to muster all our resources and intelligence, and to open up to our neighbors – shaping our own political destinies as we help them to shape theirs.

The changing face of the Middle East
A new pact for stability

The new challenge posed by the dramatic changes in the Middle East is how to maintain stability. To do this we need to understand who our new interlocuters are. We hope those who have effected the trasformation will also prove to be viable counterparts.

Taking the initiative