Gianluca Sadun Bordoni

Full throttle Putin
Clash of civilizations in a split nation

The idea that in a post-Cold War world, political forces will arrange themselves along lines more closely associated with culture and identity is now being put to the test in Ukraine’s crisis.

Angela the Great
The defeat of populism

Angela Merkel’s victory in the German elections was also a decisive win over anti-European populism. But with the dwindling of the fringe parties, she will need to put together some form of coalition since the fringes are bound to reconstitute.

Unmasking Italy’s mess
Centrifugal politics

Is moderation dead? From the outcomes of recent elections in Western countries, it would seem that populist positions at both extremes have trumped all “centrist” attempts at attracting those who are wary of the traditional right-left dichotomy.

When consensus kills governability
Democracies in no one’s world

While there may not be much alternative to democracy, there is an ever increasing variety of democracies. As Western hegemony declines, we will be faced with an international system groping for an elusive center of gravity.

Germany and Europe: the tricky balance

Ever since the first German unification, Europe has had to come to terms with the power source at its geographic core. Again, the presence of a unified Germany is determining Europe’s future.

­­The geopolitics of religion
Religion in a post-secular world

The rejection of religion by secular governments is now being reassessed. This, however, does not mean an end to the separation of the religious and political – not as long as the pluralist tradition can be maintained.

After the fall who will pick up the pieces?
Looking at the Arab paradox

The irony emerging from the revolutions is that the more Western ideals are championed, the more Western policies may be shunned. Many misconceptions will need to be shattered if a vision of democracy compatible with Islam is to take shape.