Gianni Castellaneta

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Caring for people not populism

The recent rise of populist movements is a risk that should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, there is a way 
of understanding the phenomenon as a wake-up call that can bring benefits to the society.

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Europe and the Trump effect

As if the EU didn’t already have enough problems, it must now come to terms with a US president who not only feeds the populist anti-establishment wave in Europe, but also seems indifferent to its foundational values.

My cup of tea
Italy's expat vote

Should Italian citizens who have never or seldom set foot in the country have a right to vote? Certain measures need to be taken to ensure that all voters have significant links to the motherland.

It's business, stupid!

Now that all America’s free trade deals are in danger, we should expect a more transactional approach in the new president’s agenda. The art of making a deal will necessarily involve compromise.

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The road to reconciliation

Russia is now more isolated than it has been since the end of the Cold War. Yet it is in Europe’s interest to get back to business as usual. Italy can use its special relationship 
to help mediate.