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Britain's cold front

The latest incident involving a Russian spy being poisoned on British soil has sparked a wave of anti-russian sentiment and chilled diplomatic relations, but a closer look will reveal a domestic drive for the UK’s rallying of NATO member support in it’s diplomatic revenge.

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Completing the puzzle

The United States has announced the relocation date for its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for May 14th. 
Is Trump following a grand plan for the Middle East or is he just winging it? It’s early to tell but some of his seemingly rash decisions have had unexpected repercussions.

Middle East
The unfair ally

With the recent application of bully tactics, Erdogan is alienating his long time allies and foes. The conflictual nature of his foreign policy especially evident in Cyprus is an indication of the regional upsets to come, affecting in the case of ENI, not only the islanders but Italy as well.

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Trumpocalypse now

At Davos all eyes were on the President of the United States, from the Apocalypse Now style arrival to the contents of his speech, in which he left no doubt as to America’s stance on economic development and foreign policy.

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One year with Trump

It’s been a turbolent start for Donald Trump as President of the United States, with his first year overshadowed by lack of experience, scandals and excesses. Yet despite this, we may yet get to see what he will do in his second.

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What Columbus means to America

Christopher Columbus has recently become associated with ethnocide committed in the Americas. It is important to keep such facile oversimplifications from obscuring the explorer’s real significance. 

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Is anyone calling the shots?

Many of the world’s current crises have been exacerbated by a dearth of leadership. Europe has remained both relatively calm and inactive. Now, with the United States awash in uncertainty, is the time for Europe to assert its own leadership.


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Drawing on the Balkan experience

Italy is being threatened with floods of migrants. The successful approach to the Balkan crisis two decades ago might be worth another look as the EU continues to grope for a solution.

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Time for Europe to grow up

A rift in the transatlantic bond is growing as the US, for various reasons, focuses on 
its own internal problems. 
As a result, Europe will need 
to carry its weight after decades of cruise control.

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A slippery path

No one knows what awaits the UK as it breaks from the EU. One thing for certain is the fact that the upcoming elections will mark a new phase for post-colonial Britain.

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Italy in a position to lead

With the upcoming G-7 summit to be held in Sicily, the Italian leadership will finally have a chance to set 
the agenda at a crucial time 
in international relations, especially around the Mediterranean.

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Caring for people not populism

The recent rise of populist movements is a risk that should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, there is a way 
of understanding the phenomenon as a wake-up call that can bring benefits to the society.

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Europe and the Trump effect

As if the EU didn’t already have enough problems, it must now come to terms with a US president who not only feeds the populist anti-establishment wave in Europe, but also seems indifferent to its foundational values.

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Italy's expat vote

Should Italian citizens who have never or seldom set foot in the country have a right to vote? Certain measures need to be taken to ensure that all voters have significant links to the motherland.

It's business, stupid!

Now that all America’s free trade deals are in danger, we should expect a more transactional approach in the new president’s agenda. The art of making a deal will necessarily involve compromise.

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The road to reconciliation

Russia is now more isolated than it has been since the end of the Cold War. Yet it is in Europe’s interest to get back to business as usual. Italy can use its special relationship 
to help mediate.