Giorgio Malfatti di Monte Tretto

Latin America
The case of Alberto Fujimori

The long and tortuous political history of Alberto Fujimori is clouded in violence and corruption scandals, but the people of Peru are still divided on whether he was simply a ferocious and dishonest dictator or whether he helped bring the country to new prosperity and peace by using unorthodox and brutal methods in fighting terrorism.

Latin America
The world's most violent region

Criminality and violence negatively impacts the lives of victims and protagonists but in the case of Latin America, has created a situation that is detrimental to the economic growth of the region. Creating an irremovable perception of danger in the minds of its population.

Latin America
The mighty fall of Bolivarian Socialism

Venezuela was the last outpost of the Socialist model in Latin America. A utopic dream carried on by Hugo Chavez at the cost of the future of his country, now gripped in a dangerous escalation of violence, poverty and crime that risks tearing the country apart, transforming it into a Latin American Somalia.

Cuba libre
Neighbors make nice

The economic embargo has long forced Cubans to trim any expectations of material wealth. Now they can dream of living like their compatriots in the United States. 

Tangoing on eggshells
Global partnerships for renewal­­­

As Latin American economies continue to grow, it is important for Europe to renew its relationships with them through bi-regional agreements. This will allow both regions to become more integrated in the competitive new knowledge-based economy.