Giovanni Tria

Cover story
Domestic incentives for global supremacy

The real effects of the controversial tax reform will become evident with time and there are intellectual heavyweights on either side of the debate. The issue at the heart of the reform is the challenge that America poses the world’s economic powers in the race at claiming global economic dominance.

Making the EU’s migrant labor market work

Demographic trends show the southern shores of the Mediterranean growing much faster than the northern shores, which will have a great impact on migrant labor. Human capital training and mobility will be key integration factors in the labor markets.

China's shadowy moves
Ready to overtake, if…

China is now poised to become the world’s dominant economic force. Nevertheless, many factors – political and cultural – must still align themselves if it is to live up to its enormous potential.

The graying of the great powers
Age and the labor market

Demographic factors affect where the money of the productive population goes. If too much is spent on non-working dependents, there is less for investment. To mitigate this situation, a coordinated effort is needed between government and business to teach new skills.

When consensus kills governability
Economic policy feuds

The global recession has made finding viable economic solutions a matter of utmost urgency. It has also shed a new light on the traditional dispute between Keynesians and monetarists. Could the time be nigh to abandon such ideological polarities?

Debt’s children
Getting the short end of the stick

Fixing the economy will require increasing the capabilities of those entering the work force. To avoid saddling them with all the burden of debt will require opening up opportunities through freer markets.

Debt crisis
Borrowing from the tailor to pay for the suit

For decades developed economies have been increasing consumption with money lent to them by producers to buy their goods. This vicious cycle is clearly unsustainable, but go explain that to the economists.­­­

Because the can we kick will explode

The cost of bailing Greece out through the creation of new European debt instruments is minimal compared to the catastrophe that will ensue after markets lose confidence in the eurozone – or the US. But lack of political will may spell doom regardless.

The Euro play
Eurobonds. Why not?