Giuseppe Pennisi

Inclusive growth, resilience, jobs and trust

At a recent OECD gathering, ministers discussed long-term development strategies. Such strategies are needed not only in developing countries, but also in highly industrialized nations to increase growth.

­­­The battle for Europe
Development banks and the European crisis

One of Europe’s best tools for exiting the crisis are its development banks and finance corporations, which can increase the continent’s growth rate and provide support to investment in innovative initiatives.

World economy
The rich get richer, and the poor get tech-savvy

Technological advances combined with economic factors have put the middle class in jeopardy. A growing wealth gap seems to be inevitable, as a result we may be seeing the emergence of a high-tech service class that caters to the rich.

China's shadowy moves
Obstacles in the way

Is China capable of becoming the Pacific region’s main player? Can it continue to drive the world economy? Many social and political constraints, if not surmounted, could sabotage China’s seemingly inevitable ascendancy.

The year of Europe
Variations on the welfare state

Europe has no choice but to change its welfare model. A look at the variety of models already in place and the factors that will change in the future can allow governments to adapt according to their citizens’ needs.

World economy
Gulliver’s troubles

Why is Asia afraid of a monetary union? One look at the giant experiment of a single currency in Europe and it is clear how daunting such an ambitious undertaking can be.

Making sense of the European Banking Union

It took a long time and the threat of disaster, but Europeans have finally gotten around to considering a banking union. As they iron out details, questions will inevitably arise.

Japan’s recovery roller coaster
Japan’s lessons for Europe

Europe is now staring at the prospect of lost decades similar to what Japan has only just begun to exit. Many of Japan’s policies to combat stagnation should be implemented by the eurozone as well.