Han S. Park

China’s delicate balancing act
Keeping the party going, without trashing the house

Even though Beijing would like to stifle the protests in Hong Kong, its leaders are wary of sparking protests all over the mainland. Instead, the strategy of accommodation should best serve the CCP’s desire to maintain unity, continuity and stability.

China's shadowy moves
Fostering China’s future power

China has just launched a new phase of its development. Behind the policies guiding the reforms there is an overarching vision of the Chinese nation rooted in its traditions and well equipped for the future. Will China’s rise oblige it to become an offensive power?

Choosing heads
Behind the scenes

On the eve of the imminent changeover in the CCP, there is an ongoing power struggle in which the emerging new leadership aims to dampen pragmatism and runaway capitalism. Can China remain dynamic and strong while maintaining the harmony and stability it so values?

In Mao’s shoes
Why China need not be feared

Maintaining steady growth is the key to China’s domestic and foreign policy. There is in Chinese culture a deeply rooted pragmatism that recognizes the need for stability in order for global economic activity to flourish.