Isabella Saggio

Cover story
Intimations of immortality

As biological research evolves, we are nearing the point where certains cells can be said to be immortal. And though we are still far from producing an immortal body, we must already come to terms with increased longevity.

Ebola: What is to be done?

Research into the Ebola virus, now reeking havoc in West Africa, will need to increase, along with the efficiency of health system procedures, if a catastrophe is to be avoided.

Keeping resistance at bay

The overuse of antibiotics has led to the increased resistance of pathogens. If this continues then we could be facing not only
a worldwide health problem, but also a threat to political security.

Mutants attack
Deadly friends

Bacteria is getting a bad rap these days as a new strain takes its toll on those unfortunate to have ingested it. But for years these microscopic organisms have helped us in countless ways.