Laura Painelli

Sub-Saharan Africa
The energy dilemma

A great part of Sub-Saharian Africa, despite the richness of conventional energy resources lives without access to electricity. The lack of delivery infrastructure and discontinuos and unreliable supply, coupled with the high costs to the consumer, are lowering the demand especially in the least developed rural areas.

Featured briefing
Putting money into sun and wind

Investments in the last decade reveal an increasing interest in renewable energy. The increase in investments, the drop in production costs, and the commitment by the governments to contain greenhouse gas emissions will lay the foundations for a further expansion.

Oil glut
A slippery equilibrium

The oil market has been trying to find a way to counterbalance a severe drop in prices. With a continued glut, OPEC countries have struggled to find an agreement among themselves and with non-OPEC countries to cut production. 

Middle East
Saudi Arabia on the brink

The current approach to stabilizing Saudi Arabia’s power in the region is running up against many unexpected obstacles. As revenue from oil diminishes, the kingdom’s rulers need to assess the direction in which their country is heading.