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The German miracle
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African dynamics
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Follow the bubble
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Macron's challenges
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Islamic State spillover
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World military strength
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New energy corridors
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Waiting for the bell
Too many Europes
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Levantine gas fields
Lucky numbers
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Mapping the chaos
Charting the debt strategy
Industry 4.0
Segmenting the global high-tech market
Castro's legacy
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Spain’s miracles
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Trump effect
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Civil aviation
A crowded sky
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Too many Europes
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The Arabian glut
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O gigante on the ropes
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The GOP in turmoil
Oil,water,sand and guns
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Central banking figures
Millennial America
The millennial elections
Redrawing the Gulf
The duelists: Saudi Arabia and Iran
Redrawing the Gulf
The Syrian puzzle
Crude oil's downward slide
The world of oil
Is the world’s economy safe?
World economy ups and downs
Europe’s dark hour
Terror and Islam in Europe
Europe’s dark hour
Syrian battleground
Will the ballots fix Spanish politics?
The stakes in Spain
Holy politics
Vatican reshuffle
Middle East
Syrian battleground
How the car is changing
What’s driving change
China’s unending march
Post-bubble China
Checkpoint Europe
EU’s refugees
Still felix?
Downunder by numbers
Working on the EU to come
Snapshot of a crunch
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No-go zones
Emergency aid disasters
Foreign aid data
A tattered economy
Turkey at a crossroads
Racing to stream
The telecom stream
The rising allure of the tangible
The market of revival
Europe’s boat people
Charting the exodus
The Jewish diaspora
The sliding euro
The dance of the fiats
Iran's game
Iran’s assets
Saudi Arabia
Power play in Arabia
International security
Chaos and control
Fiscal paradise lost
Transnational tax avoidance
Euro Sisyphus faces jihad
Muslims in Europe
Greece in the hands of the gods
The financial mess
Ukraine crisis
Before and after Minsk
Islam’s Thirty Years’ War
Shifting sands
Euro Sisyphus faces jihad
A world of debt
Euro Sisyphus faces jihad
Muslims in Europe
Cuba libre
The lost pearl in the sea
Modifying India
Myriad India
Bye-bye superbanks
The world of banking
Treasure map
The right tune
Republicans in control
Middle East
Islamic State expansion and recruitment
The new world of cheap oil
The big drop
China’s delicate balancing act
China’s long climb back
­­­Sowing the seeds of better food policy­
The Earth’s food map
Midterm America
Ukraine’s crisis lines
Global Economy
Exclusive economic zones
A snapshot of ISIS in the Middle East
A visual history of borders in Europe
China’s alluring neighbors
Spending on sports events
Eastern frontiers
China trade routes, chokepoints and future bypass routes
Middle East
ISIS rising
World war
Global military chessboard
­­­The not quite pacific Indian Ocean
At the center of the new geopolitical equation
Avoiding the dark
Where it comes from
Avoiding the dark
Global flows
­­­The battle for Europe
Euroskeptics who’s who
Full throttle Putin
Post-Cold War fault lines
The twisting roads of Arab transition
Towards transition
We the people of Ukraine
Ukraine: past and present
World economy
Post-Argentinian devaluation outcomes
Iran's game
Iran’s assets
China's shadowy moves
China’s power
World economy
Forecast for developing countries
Business and ethics
From traditional finance to philanthropy
Global farming
Farming the world
Holy glasnost
The Catholic universe
Global rush in telecommunications
Global telecom traffic data
Sweating the deal
Mapping the Syrian Civil War
De-globalized manufacturing
Manufacturing trends
Back to square one
After the spring
Shale revolution
Wheeling the oils
Times of protest
O Gigante Brasileiro awakens
Japan’s recovery roller coaster
Japan’s ups and downs
Smoldering societies
Times of protest
Iran’s assets
Spain's political jostle