Marina Valensise

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Cherchez les femmes

The upcoming French presidential election will be determined in many respects by the actions of women. Whether she is a candidate herself, the muse of another candidate, or the source of another’s downfall.

Europe fights to survive
Lolo’s promise

With victory under his belt, France’s new President François Hollande faces the challenges of a Europe on the brink. His call for growth must now withstand the reality of predatory markets in
a sovereign debt nightmare.

Finding the right way

The upcoming French elections will determine not only who governs France, but in which direction Europe will move. If France strays from the path it has taken thus far in the economic crisis, the rest of the continent could splinter.

Sarkozy joins the race before Hollande pulls away

The French President has announced his candidacy in the middle of a grim economic situation. He’s hoping that a focus on values will combine with the center-right’s perennial call for competitiveness to get him reelected.

New Delhi’s middle class high-rise

India’s capital is exploding – in population, in wealth, and in creative energy. Paradoxically, India’s ancient philosophical tradition is helping to turn the city into an international center for innovation.

Second act

The elections in France will pit a hyperactively inconclusive incumbent against a party stalwart with scant experience. Whoever wins will need to take harsh measures. No wonder the French are more blasé than usual.

Transatlantic justice gap

Although France and the United States both revere the notion of equality, the way Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been treated in his arrest and how his trial is expected to unfold are revealing significant differences.

State of the Union
Moving in at the net

Sarkozy has big shoes to fill. But living up to his own ambitions and self-image is proving to be his most daunting task. As a result, he has tended to shoot first and ask questions later.

Premier ministre, avant tout

France’s prime minister has long been seen as the president’s lightning rod. François Fillon is showing how this may no longer be the case.