Marta Dassù

Avoiding the dark
Responding to Russia

Like it or not, Russia will always be a crucial interlocutor for Europe. In the face of the current crisis, Europe and the US will need to reinforce their traditional transatlantic ties.

Global security
Pooling resources makes sense

Europe will sooner or later need to fend for itself in matters of security. To do so effectively it must coordinate efforts and make the most of its resources.

Japan’s comeback

After years of stagnation, Japan’s economy looks like it is finally picking up. With it, the spirit of the Japanese is more optimistic about its future prospects.

Realigning a divided America
No more free ride

For Europe, Obama’s second term will probably mean a realignment of its relationship with America, which will take a more detached lead-from-behind approach, forcing Europe to pull more of its weight.

Women in diplomacy: the case for a better orchestra

Whether in the private sector or in government, the talents of women are still an untapped resource in most countries. The US is leading the way toward a solution that should be embraced by European countries.

Global governance
The Pan-Atlantic perspective

The economic growth of the BRICS has conjured scenarios of the West’s demise. Is this vision realistic? If one considers that emergent countries owe their growth to Western values, it is unlikely that any alternative system will have as much success.