Massimo Boffa

Cover story
Let the bromance begin

Trump and Putin stand ready to ease tensions and work together toward a re-reset. But the antagonism between Moscow and Washington is deeply rooted, and the causes must be better understood. 

Middle East
Russia's road to Damascus

Moscow’s actions in Syria have solidified its place as an indispensible player in any effort to achieve peace there. One of the greatest benefits of its involvement is a constructive cooperation with the United States.

Return to the center

Russia has long been cast as the villain in international politics. But seen from within, Putin has been carrying out a very coherent strategy of weakening the centrifugal forces that have historically plagued the country. And most Russians approve.

We the people of Ukraine
Playing with fire

Arguments for arming Ukraine cannot be made in
a vacuum that does not take into account Ukraine’s geography and history. Nor can the West ignore its own vulnerability and lack of strategy.