Matteo Tacconi

Ukraine: between a rock and a hard place

Perennially caught between Western European powers and Russia, Ukraine must navigate between the two to its own advantage. At an upcoming summit, Kyiv will need to make a choice between Brussels and Moscow.

Times of protest
Unmasking the protest

There have been many attempts to explain the spate of protests over the past few years, but no single theory seems to cover them all – except, perhaps, the tried and true notion of a domino effect.

Let’s make a deal


The prospect of future membership in the EU is proving to be an effective incentive to burying the hatchet for both Serbia and Kosovo. In the end, economic benefits outweigh the perceived benefits of holding a grudge.

The Turkish turnaround

A decade ago, Turkey was facing financial disaster. Today, the country is a model of economic dynamism and a beacon of political moderation for its Muslim neighbors. Now is the perfect time to jump start its relationship with the EU.

Putin out the feelers

Vladimir Putin is determined to re-establish Russia’s standing as an international power. To do this he will need to focus attention on the dynamic Asia-Pacific region, which would require a strategic about-face after a century of focusing on Europe.

Poland’s feeling bullish

Poland has long been viewed as a problem in the European landscape. Now, with a booming economy and political stability, it has become a beacon of hope and a power of example for the rest of Europe still struggling to break out of a recession.