Maurizio Melani

A stronger, smaller, but enlargeable core

The growing challenges of a rapidly changing world have not been lost on the European Union. Now is the time to restructure it, before the rest of the world passes it by and leaves it floundering in its incapacity. 

Middle East
Overlapping wars

Local, regional and external factors weave a very complex fabric in the ongoing strife throughout the Middle East. A comprehensive solution will require all actors to accept some form of accommodation. 

Syrian conflict
No one’s war, everyone’s war

The nature of the Syrian Civil War is such that external actors have a significant stake, yet they are at cross-purposes. And they don’t wish to overly commit thus far against the supposed common enemy, lest they get tangled into an intractable free-for-all.

Middle East
The game changer

The geopolitical calculus in the Middle East and all over the world is shifting rapidly, especially in Turkey, which is now fighting both the Islamic State and the Kurds.
The Vienna agreement with Iran has caused a general reassessment.

Europe’s boat people
Dealing with uninvited guests

Is the EU finally coming together to map out a policy to manage the increasing number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean? While flawed and in need of deeper considerations, the policy now envisaged is a step in the right direction.

Managing the Middle East’s shifting balance

With Iran poised to sign a nuclear deal that would lift sanctions, the rest of the major players in the Middle East will feel the need to adjust to what everyone expects will be a more powerful Iranian presence.

World war
Middle East reshuffle

Security, crisis management and the economy have all been upended by the crisis in Ukraine. Russia is positioned to sabotage diplomatic negotiations, and the US must tend to cooling relations.

Reforming the Italian promotion system abroad

In order to support growth in a changing world, the Italian government has made structural adjustments to facilitate international business both at home and abroad.­