Michele Bagella

World economy
New visions of capitalism

The near future’s triumvirate of big economies – China, Brazil and the US – each express a different variation of capitalism. Will they be compatible, complementary or in conflict with each other?

Times of protest
Rising expectations

The redistribution of wealth brought on by globalization is raising the expectations of the new middle classes in emerging economies. Amplified by social networks, they are driving the dynamism of social change in a wave of protests throughout the world.

The savings glut

Increasing domestic demand and imports in China is one way of kick-starting the world economy. But in order to do that, the conditions for saving, rather than spending, must be in place.

South America
Brazil: a tale of two countries

Once the quintessence of economic disparity and fiscal irresponsibility, Brazil is now showing other nations how to get their economies in order. But many of its problems remain and risk undermining the nation’s hard-earned progress.

Choosing heads
The Princelings vs. the Shanghai Clique

Behind a veneer of consensus, two main factions are vying for control of the new “Fifth Generation” of Chinese communist rulers. By the time a leader is picked, most of the concessions will have been made.

In Mao’s shoes
Balancing a rising giant

In order to avoid sudden shocks China has utilized a monetary policy to nurture its rapid growth, while harnessing inflation often to the detriment of its competition. Keeping a balance between the two will be crucial to its international stability.

The Euro play
­­Chinese eggs in the eurobasket