Moreno Zani

­Europe’s financial fringe

The EU countries on the periphery of the eurozone might be as rewarding as they are risky. With their economies adapting to required standards, they can benefit from both access to the world’s biggest market and independent monetary policy.

Business and ethics
Moral consequences

What many tend to forget is that business involves human beings. The growth of corporations stems from the drive to improve human happiness and well-being. Therefore, ignoring ethics will ultimately undermine business’s raison d’être.

World economy
The blockbuster free trade agreement

The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership between the US and Europe will be huge. But along with the opportunities it affords there will also be risks. Many industries will need to adapt.

Big Data
The robots are coming

Robots doing work that only humans could do has long been a reality – especially in the manufacturing sector. Now, spurred more powerful computers and their ability to process information, the robotics industry is set for a boom.

Global food production
The six million dollar tomato­

Studies show that improving the productivity of agriculture with genetically modified crops will not only benefit investors in the much maligned sector of seed production, it will especially benefit the world’s hungry and poor.

Corporations steering the planet
Too big to ignore

When a corporation as rich as a medium sized country steps into the global lobby, it’s hard not to notice. How can their influence over developing states be regulated?

Joining the club
Can better data end world poverty?

Studies show there has been a drop in extreme poverty. On closer inspection, however, much depends on the agreed-upon cut-off levels. Also, due to a host of changing economic factors, this apparent enrichment may pose unforeseen problems.