Paolo Bianco

Science deniers
Science, civilization and the aboriginal impulse

Modern man’s restless longing to know the world is the driving force of science. The benefits of our accumulated knowledge have fostered a sense of freedom. Paradoxically, that freedom is too easily confused with a free market contingent on ignorance, which would have us desire an impossible return to a pre-scientific state.

Relativity's century
Science and the City: market-processed knowledge

At a certain point in the 20th century, a paradigm shift in the value and purpose of scientific knowledge occurred. The reliance on market forces to guide science may ultimately jeopardize centuries of progress.

A bitter pill
Science, the landless frontier

There is a shifting balance in the relationship between science and technology. Corollary to this shift is a movement away from government-funded research investment to a more market-based approach. The geopolitical ramifications are enormous.