Pasquale Ferrara

Turkey’s twists and turns

In the course of all the revolutions, counterrevolutions and wars in the Islamic world since the Arab Springs, Turkey has gone from being a role model bent on regional hegemony to a country focused on internal security.

Problems inside and out

Turkey’s recent elections have shed light on what could well be a domestic sea change. Combined with the turmoil throughout its neighborhood, the country’s political future is conditioned by new levels of complexity.

Soft power
Apollo in Gaza

Artworks are often casualties of political strife. Sometimes they are looted, other times destroyed. One precious bronze statue risks oblivion because of the unending Palestinian troubles.

Losing the art of political dialogue
After the party

Whereas political parties once served to guarantee popular representation, they have increasingly come to be seen as autonomous entities concerned mainly with their own self-perpetuation. Are we headed for a partyless democracy?

Security à la carte

Turkey is rapidly becoming a major force in the world’s most volatile region. As a result, the relationship between its security needs and its capacities has grown much more complex in light of the turbulence in its neighborhood.

India - The floundering colossus
More things in heaven and earth

In order to come to grips with shifts in international relations, analysts tend to rely on handy labels to facilitate their discourse. Yet overreliance on conceptual categories often belies the manifold nature of the entities being analyzed.

­­The geopolitics of religion
We are family

Now could be the time to give a more concrete and democratic meaning to the vague and somewhat oligarchic idea of global governance.

Turning theory into action

The absence of efficient  political governance has left the EU incapable of a strong and speedy reaction to attacks on its currency.

Silk Road
Changing direction

The historical and strategic importance of the Silk Road for European trade has been embraced by Asian countries as a cornerstone to security as well as commerce.

Security handover in Afghanistan
Framing the Great Game

There are many lessons to be learned from Afghanistan. One of the most glaring, however, is that a new approach to Central Asia as a whole is necessary in order to maintain stability.

Arab uprising
Behold Leviathan, then starve the beast

There has never been a shortage of things to contest in the Middle East. Recently one more point of contention has been discovered: gas off the Israeli coast.

The West vs Gaddafi
Postmodern tribalism

As autocratic regimes fall and the foundations of the nation-state in those ancient lands become more tenuous, we might do well to reconsider the thriving social structures that date back before civilization.

From Globish to Globese
Enticing Turkey
The Anatolian spirit of capitalism