Pasquale Salzano

Featured briefing
Gas goes full throttle in the Levant

The new finds of gas in the eastern Mediterranean could be a driving force that brings economic growth to many of the lesser developed countries racked by political turmoil.

Eastern frontiers
The Asian energy puzzle

Increased demand for clean fuel, instability in Europe and the Middle East, territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and America’s Asia pivot
are just some of the many factors in Asia’s evolving energy scenario.

Eastern frontiers
The strategic hub
Avoiding the dark
The Mediterranean is back

Between calls for diversification of natural gas sources and new basins being developed in the Mediterranean and North Africa, a geopolitical axis shift is occurring.

Global security
Toward a new energy balance

There are several game changers in play now in the world’s energy sector. Each one will have huge geo-strategic implications that must be taken into consideration.

Shale revolution
As shale leaves Europe in the dust

The shale gas revolution bodes well for the US and other countries determined to exploit their resources. But in Europe the situation is not as conducive, and the Old Continent’s industries are already scrambling to adapt.

Central Asia
Kazakh oil

The future looks bright for Kazakhstan. With its abundance of natural resources, all this vast, sparsely populated Central Asian nation needs to do is continue as stably as it has since it gained its independence.

Central Asia
Kashagan Project
The new gas revolution

There’s a growing transatlantic energy gap. The abundance of shale gas and oil in the US will soon make it not only energy self-sufficient, but also the world’s biggest petro-power. Can the same occur in Europe and elsewhere?

Africa’s half full glass

It will be hard for sub-Saharan Africa to dispel the clichés that depict it as a dysfunctional continent. But recent developments offer hope – especially if good governance can reach a critical mass as it spreads oil wealth more equitably.