Richard Greco

Credit where credit is due

Italy has all the elements needed for a growth spurt – almost. The missing piece in the puzzle is a crucial one: credit. Lending money to Italy’s myriad small businesses is fundamental to its economic recovery.

Global governance
Economics before politics

The idea that China and the US, as presiding superpowers in a multipolar world, must be mutually antagonistic is not reflected in the strategic interests of both countries.

SPACs, a no brainer

Everyone agrees. What Europe needs right now is growth. But how to encourage economic growth in areas that are still coming to terms with a deep recession? In countries like Italy, where production tends to come from small to medium-sized companies, the use of Special Purpose Acquisition Companies is smart solution to the problem of raising capital.

Follow the yellow brick road

Gold is not only experiencing a bull market, it is making a comeback in the minds of economists and legislators who have come to question the goodwill of governments that back currencies with nothing but the wizardry ­of goodwill.

­­The geopolitics of religion
Serving God and neighbor

The modern world marked a passage in which faith, once imposed by whoever held power, became a private affair. Religion as instrument of public policy became a secular sin. Now, with religion in international affairs resurgent, a host of altruistic opportunities – in servitio Dei et proximi – accompany the obvious hazards of sectarian conflict.

The new Arab order Islam women money
Lynchpin of stability

Over the years, Italy has proven itself to be a crucial partner in crisis management all over the world. Its track record in international flash points, has made it a point of reference in any institution-building endeavor, especially now with strife across the Mediterranean.

Debt’s children
Fear, loathing and virtue on Wall Street

While the motley discontents protesting against everything and anything can easily be dismissed for lack of coherence, they also compel us capitalists to re-examine the ethical spirit that laid the foundations for our prosperity.

The future of Libya may be found in Alaska

Whoever takes power in Tripoli will inevitably control the country’s enormous oil resources. In order to ensure that all Libyan citizens benefit from the wealth, a fair and viable model for wealth distribution is needed. The Alaska Permanent Fund is one such model.

Debt crisis
Debt was the price of liberty

American power sprang out of debt. Now with the need to cut military spending, it is imperative that the structure of the US and her allies’ defense industries be reexamined in order to maintain their competitive edge.

Failed state, rogue state, friend and foe

Pakistan is many things at once, and pigeonholing the place is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Yet despite its recent embarrassment with Osama bin Laden, the country is still as important to the Central Asian power balance as ever.

Security handover in Afghanistan
Exit from Afghanistan: strategy before schedule

As American troops in Afghanistan begin to come home, it’s better to consider investing more time with a greater number of trainers and redefine measurable and realistic benchmarks than to accelerate a large-scale withdrawal.