Roberto Spingardi

Cover story
The best ship is the one with the best crew

In the new context of Industry 4.0 what is proving to be essential is the development of a new Manager 4.0, one who can integrate the old with the new.

Cover story
Constructing a European identity

One of the keys to defining a European identity is to reinforce our separate national identities and understand how the positive aspects can benefit Europe as a whole. Italians have much to offer, but we first need to recover what we have always had.

Industry 4.0
The ability to change

It takes leadership both to create a new enterprise or simply maintain a thriving one. Prioritizing financial results while maintaining a sense of involvement and enthusiasm are important skills. 

Information,freedom and responsibility

The right to express oneself is a cornerstone of democratic society. But information can also be used to manipulate and coerce. The dilemma requires an ethical approach that remains vigilant against inevitable pitfalls.

World economy
Ethics pay

Business is not just business. Commerce is a consummately human activity, and as such should be based on moral foundations. When this occurs, we are ensured that a true meritocracy can take hold, which is ultimately good for the bottom line.