Stefania Tucci

The new Silk Road, and a lot more

The Belt Road Initiative, is a visionary project, and with its massive scope connecting over 60% of the world’s population and America’s retreat from the region, China stands to relaunch itself as the great engine of integrated development with the rest of Eurasia.

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India's surprising leap forward

India has surpassed its old colonial master and is standing tall and proud. Becoming the world’s fifth largest economy, will bring inevitable modernization and wealth to the country, but it still needs a great deal of refurbishment if it is to fulfill its economic potential in the global rankings.

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The next hop forward

Despite China’s reticence on discussing internal issues in an open forum, the Party’s top bureaucrats are examining with unusual candidness how to maintain stability and manage the risks and tasks of the unstoppable modernization of the country.

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World economy's tactical winners

Beijing and Berlin have long understood their manufacturing economies to be complementary. 
Now, with the US shying away from globalization, 
the two industrial giants are finding common ground.