Vincenzo Camporini

Cover story
Closer together with force

Although Europe may look like it’s cracking up, and there is no easy solution for bringing it closer together, the military is one area where cooperation could serve as a realistic binding agent.

The elusive stick of power

Balancing threats with incentives is an age-old political skill. As societies become more complex and technologically advanced, there is a greater probability that our “carrots” and “sticks” will not work as intended with less developed adversaries.

Iraq’s uneasy ride
The expensive art of nation building

When US-led forces invaded Iraq, they ousted Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime and tried to build democratic institutions. A decade later Americans have released a report assessing their successes and failures.

The sun sets on the West’s defense
Charting a new way with an old model

Strategic changes in the world are occurring faster than any institution can possibly deal with them. The OSCE is a model that could and should be tuned to work better than it does.

Security handover in Afghanistan
The spring offensive tests the Afghan forces’ mettle

The spike in Taliban attacks follows an almost predictable seasonal pattern. But a closer look shows that Afghan forces are capable of negating the insurgents’ ability to hold ground, and this is a sign in the right direction.

The changing face of the Middle East
Watching and waiting

Things change quickly. If we don’t want to be caught out we must use our imagination to forecast possible outcomes and take the right steps.